• glitter, dirt, and paints spilled on a surface protected by Katch surface protection roll

    Katch FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions

Katch Surface Protection Rolls are developed specifically for temporary surface protection from fluids, dirt and a wide range of other contaminants in industrial applications. This thin, lightweight adhesive-backed surface protection material features a robust polymer layer that prevents grease, grime, solvents and other liquids from seeping through and damaging the surfaces beneath. Unlike paper or plastic sheeting, its non-woven surface – engineered by 3M specifically to trap dirt, dust, debris and overspray – prevents small particles from spreading through the facility where they can settle on work surfaces and cause damage and rework.

Indoor, outdoor, and beyond! Katch can be applied to tables, countertops, floors, walls, carpets, or any solid surface where messes are made. Even garage floors to protect heavy duty messes like an oil change.

Reuse as long as the temporary adhesive on Katch is still functional. Usually, it will last 3-5 times being re-attached, but performance will vary depending on use and surface. Change every 2-4 weeks or as needed.

It comes off cleanly and easily like a post-it

Yes! Katch is a temporary surface protection fabric backed by 3M technology and is designed to resist many liquids including, water, oil, solvents, wax, paint, cleaners, glitter, hot glue, resin, dirt, and much more!

12” x 5’ Surface Protection Roll
12” x 10’ Surface Protection Roll
18 x 5’ Surface Protection Roll
18’ x 10’ Surface Protection Roll
4” x 15’ Painting Tape Roll
1” x 50’ Painting Tape Roll

Katch is meant for temporary surface protection and is appropriate for DIY home improvement projects, painting, hobbies, crafts, auto detailing, oil changes, healthcare, and pet care.

Roll out Katch and attach to the surface with the adhesive side down. Should be attached starting at one end and attaching as the product lays down from end-to-end. Smooth to reduce bubbles and wrinkles using hand or a flat edge squeegee. It is recommended not to lay straight down, as it will create extra and unnecessary wrinkles. To reuse, pull up the same direction it was applied. Start at one end, lift, and re-attach using installation instructions, laying it down from end-to-end. Smooth out any wrinkles.

Important: The product is intended for temporary surface protection. Avoid adhering to surfaces where delamination is present as it may cause damage to the surface. Surfaces must be clean, dry, and free of any chemical cleaners and contaminants. Test the material in a small inconspicuous area to ensure adequate adhesion and clean removal without surface damage. Before introducing the product into any new location, especially ignitable materials, the user should conduct a proper industrial hygiene risk assessment. Doing so will help confirm the product is appropriate for its setting, application, safety, and removal.