4” x 15’ Painting Tape Roll

  • $11.99

Product Description

  • Katch Painting Tape Rolls are perfect for DIY, home improvement, and painting projects to paint like a pro. Temporarily protects surfaces against bleed-through, paint spills, & overspray. Use on window & door trim, baseboards, floors, walls, tables, carpets, & any solid surface.
  • Create sharp lines, clean edges, and protect your surfaces without the hassle of unreliable conventional painting tapes that leak and tear. Non-slip top fabric layer improves traction. 
  • Designed using 3M™ technology, Katch comes on a roll with an adhesive backing, making it easy to apply to nearly any surface. Roll out, stick, and cut to the size you need for projects, large and small. Readjust the tape when needed. Removes cleanly, leaves no sticky residue on surfaces. 
  • Every order comes with a free cutting tool designed specifically to cut Katch surface protection fabric. But why stop there? The Katch Kutter also makes straight cuts on other crafting supplies, like contact paper, wrapping paper, and more!